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1-on-1 Coaching to prepare for Interviews

Overcome your interviewing fears with our 1-on-1 Interview Coaching services to ace any interview.

Single Sessions start at $120/hour or less in multiple session packages

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Are you struggling to ace your interviews? Do you feel nervous and unprepared every time you have an interview scheduled? If the answer is yes, then 1-on-1 interview coaching sessions might be just what you need to boost your confidence and improve your interview skills. 1-on-1 Interview Coaching gets you honest constructive feedback that will energize and motivate you. We’ll help you to make changes that will get you to where you want to be.

1 on 1 Interview coaching

Career & Interview coaching for upwardly mobile professionals

Prodigy interview & Career Coaching is becoming Robert Svilpa Interview & Career Coaching

Because there is another entity overseas with a very similar name and services, Prodigy will be slowly transitioning to Robert Svilpa branding. You’ll be getting the same high quality attention & mentoring that was being delivered both as Prodigy and also with coaching services I Got an Offer and – the name has changed but that is all. Expect the naming transition to be completed by September 2023.

1 on 1 Interview coaching

Career Mentoring

Be the perfect fit for the job you want.

  • identify & Focus on your superpower – skills, interests, values and goals
  • Visibility – take the skills and get the attention of people across your organization, proving you are next level material!
  • how sharing success with teammates makes YOU more successful
1 on 1 Interview coaching

Job Search Strategies

We’ll strategize together on how you can standout from others in your job search and networking, by building industry connections and crafting that powerful eye catching resume.

1 on 1 Interview coaching

1-on-1 Job Interview Coaching

  • Writing experiences as Stories that are polished and impressive
  • Intellectual Humility demonstrating that you are an excellent teammate & leader
  • Communicate successes and growth in your career
  • Thinking on your feet to catch the tricky questions as they come up

Embody the right mindset & personality to land that job.


Meet Your Coach - Robert Svilpa

I’m a Veteran Technology Leader. PCC certified with 17 years as Technical Program Management & Certified Scrum Master, & 13 years Software Development in senior positions with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft & Intel. I’ve interviewed 1000+ candidates across all the companies I’ve been at. And as an Interview Coach, I’ve done 400+ sessions with more than 100 clients in the last 3 years. You can be sure you’ll get the best advice and direction from me.

All the Strategies & story writing tips I teach have helped my clients land prized roles with the world’s top companies. 99% of my clients have said that my coaching has greatly improved their interview performance. I enjoy 1-on-1 coaching my interview clients, I know I can improve your experience as well.

Robert has been instrumental in guiding me towards my interview preparations. He not only helped me put things into perspective but also coached me through each session to bring the best out of me. In the end, I landed an offer from a top tech company. Thank you very much, Robert
Jyotsna, Technical Program Manager - Meta

Feb, 2021

Robert has a good and long experience about Technical Program Management.
He quickly focuses on the objective and the main things to improve with real and concrete examples.
Thanks again Robert.
-Frederic, Head of Project Management - Ametys FR

April 26, 2022

Robert was great to work with. He gave detailed feedback & was very comfortable discussing questions I had on any aspects of the interview topics. He provided really good tips to set me apart from other interviewees.
Shruti, Technical Program Manager - Meta

Oct, 2021

Robert was great coaching me …he has done a lot by confirming what I’ve learned was right & structured the knowledge I had. Also he has provided some really good advice for upcoming interviews. Definitely recommend.
Andrei, Technical Program Manager - Google

Aug, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Coaching?
Everyone at some point in their career needs a mentor. Talking with your peers can be productive, but are they really looking out for your best interests? This is where a Career Coach is valuable. Our career and interview coach has a wealth of experience and has encountered the same challenges you yourself are facing, He will provide you with impartial and honest feedback that will provide you with context to derive that direction and take that path.

Career and Interview Coaching is also useful when you decide to move on to another role at another company. Our coach is an experienced interviewer and will run you through a real interview situation. He will teach you how to approach preparing for, being functionally, mentally and emotionally ready for the interview process is crucial to improving your chances on achieving that next step in your career.

How Do I Know if Career Coaching Is Right for Me?
Does just thinking about going through the interview process stress you out? That is very common for everyone – preparing with career and interview coaching will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to do well, but will also give you a different perspective on what the right way to approach interviews is and the preparation for them. How your managers and/or interviewers perceive you really truly dictates your future. We teach you to change your approach with the right preparation that will elevate your standing in the eyes of leadership.
What are the Costs and Benefits of career coaching?
Performance reviews are supposed to be a summary of the feedback you received from your manager for the previous six months or one year – but often we’re caught totally by surprise by what is written down. The bottom line is we weren’t really paying attention to what was being told to us, or we didn’t know the right questions to ask in our weekly or bi-weekly 1:1s.

Investing in yourself and setting short, mid and long term career goals that you can measure yourself against and aim your professional development investment at is one of the surest recipes for success. Recognize the underlying messages in the 1:1 feedback, your performance review ratings and simply help you identify what you can do to make yourself happy/successful. We’ll talk about what actually makes you happy and satisfied in your day to day job life, and work to make that your primary set of tasks. Doing what comes easily to you will get you to where you were meant to be much faster and easier in the long run.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Mentoring is one of the things successful people seek out and use to advance themselves through soliciting honest advice and feedback, thereby gaining visibility up and down the corporate tree. Successful senior level managers and colleagues will also mentor people simultaneous to themselves receiving mentorship – learning and applying lessons is a two way street.

Having a trusted mentor to talk honestly about situations is very valuable. Mentoring is a natural extension of our Coaching services and is available whenever you need it. You can request to continue working with our coach as a mentor at any time.