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I am a former Staff Technical Program Manager and Software Engineer who’s worked for Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel and other paradigm shifting technology companies. Across all these companies I’ve interviewed more than 1000 candidates applying for roles across the board. Experiencing and helping establish what each company is looking for in the people who get hired.

Using my knowledge and experience, I’ve since coached more than 400 sessions with well over 100 people this last three years since I’ve begun this journey, I’ve developed a plan. I’ve put together a tried and true set of strategies and preparation tips that have improved candidate’s odds of landing the dream job. Strategies that prepare you for the grueling interview loops at Google, Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple and other top flight technology companies. My experience as not just a candidate but as an interviewer & hiring manager has guided me to define these strategies for each stage of the interview cycle. These strategies will really get you 100% ready before entering the interviews – working together on building your story portfolio with discipline as well as build excellent communication skills for you to improve your odds of landing the dream job.

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Why Work With Me?

I’m a PCC certified coach who has worked with more than 100 people over the last two years. These people have used my strategies and tools to present their best selves in their interviews. Let’s work together to make you the perfect fit – especially for the FAANG group. We’ll develop your “stories”  project reviews that best exemplify the hard & soft skills you bring to the table. Practice positive & negative behavioral scenarios while preparing you to face those unexpected questions or situations you don’t have examples for yet.

I will also provide questions YOU should be asking of your interviewers to really determine if they are the RIGHT FIT for YOU.

Interviews are not just for the company’s benefit but yours too, so that this isn’t just another job but is truly your career growth path.


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