Interview Tips & Improvements

Interview Tips and Improvements

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ChatGPT to write your resume/LinkedIn profile

Is it ethical or even safe to have AI rewrite your resume?The use of ChatGPT for all sorts of tasks... From the mundane to the complex, from generating blog posts (not this one quite yet) to school assignments and even those assignments given to candidates during job...

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Spring Equinox Promotion

Spring Equinox Promotion - 4 x 1 hour sessions for the price of 3!!!Book your 1-on-1 Interview Preparation Session before April 15, 2023 & you'll get Four 1 hour sessions for the price of Three! [ssa_booking...

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Intellectual Humility – a key differentiator

It has become a thing - Intellectual Humility is not only a positive trait, but a key differentiator to assess in interview candidates. And for those who are asking the question - what exactly is intellectual humility and why is it important? A person can be brilliant...

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Finding your next job post-layoff

You should start working on what and how you present yourself to interviewers. Take career building courses online for interview coaching. Or hire a coach and start to prepare and develop yourself so as to have the best chance for success landing that next role. Book with us here – to get yourself revved up and ready to land that next gig.

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5 resume trends for 2023

Resume trends for 2023 - an useful article for your information I do resume writing sessions. In these sessions, we're explicitly focused on writing details of experience and structuring your resumes. Writing them in a way to make your resume more impactful on Hiring...

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Laid off? Reduced price coaching special!

Reduced Price Coaching!! From now through April 30, 2023From now until April 30, we have reduced price coaching for you to get prepared for this competitive job market! Prodigy wants you to be confident & ready to land that next job! It doesn't matter if it's the...

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Hiring freeze? Companies are still hiring, but…

Hiring freeze? I say Schmiring Freeze! Two of my most recent clients have just received & accepted offers from Google - and really really attractive offers to boot. I don't want to give anything away for my clients, but if you're someone who has very specific...

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Be the Best Version of You & Get the Job!

Be the Best Version of You! We've just come through one of the most rewarding & bountiful periods of time for tech job seekers!  For the last two-three months though, things have changed... Quora, Facebook forums are getting updates from people who've been told...

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1 on 1 Interview Coaching


Highly Recommended

June 30, 2022

“I highly recommend Rob to anyone preparing for TPM interviews. Even if you are not preparing for interviews and would like a coach or mentor, Rob has significant experience to guide you, inspire, and boost your confidence.

I scheduled five sessions with him to prepare for the TPM full loop interview, covering both technical and non-technical aspects. I ended up booking an extra session to fine-tune my delivery style, which was an area that I needed improvement. Rob helped me stay positive and confident during my preparation phase. Not only did he help me work on my areas of improvement, but he’d encourage me by sharing his experiences and insights as a TPM.”


Ash B

January 24, 2023

I was fortunate enough to find Robert when I was about to give up on my dream, and Robert didn’t just help me make my professional aspirations come true, he also set me up for success in the future. Robert’s empathy, his eye for the method of coaching that best complements the individual working style to reach that set goal, and the safe learning space that he created made it possible for me to identify and overcome barriers that kept me from reaching my goals. Now that I’ve reached that goal, I have new goals, and I’m grateful that I know exactly who to reach out to for guidance. Robert is truly one of the best and the kindest subject matter experts I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from – not just to become a better professional but also a better human being.

Ash B, GRC Security, Google


December 13, 2022

Robert did my mock interview for Google, and it was one of the best decisions I made. He is a great career coach! He made me feel so relaxed before my interview. My mock interview with him gave me the confidence I needed to sail through my interview loops. He coached me through my offer process, and I plan to continue working with him when I become a Google employee.

Rashaan Green, Principal Security Service Engineering Manager, Microsoft


October 27, 2022

Robert is wonderful ! He helped me prepare for my TPM Screening with Meta . Apart from helping me get familiar with the process & with expectations of the interviewer, he shared personalized feedback about me , which helped me immensely . He made me comfortable right from the beginning and shared some wonderful examples and helpful prep resources as well. I cleared my round and am looking forward to working with Rob for my full loop interview. I cannot recommend anyone better as a coach !! Rob is THE guy !!! Thanks so much Rob!

Archana , Project Manager


September 29, 2022

The session with Robert was extremely helpful. He shared a lot of useful tips on how to answer the interview questions as well as provided interview prep resources

Diana Vainshtein